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Paris, Second World War, and Music

Paris, Second World War, and Music

A week in Paris by Rachel Hore due for publication October 2014

A slow burning but sure book that hooks you into finding out what happened next to the characters. Based on the type of events that really happened during the second world war, the story of the child and her parents and Paris really keep you waiting to hear the next part of the story.
I liked the idea of the music link-ups and really…

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Cobbles and Fountains

We stayed in La Palma’s old town of Santa Cruz de La Palma. LA Palma street with cobblesThis is a mostly car-free, narrow alleyed, cobble streeted, wooden housed and balconied Spanish style town. Cobbles seem to be no object for the stiletto heeled locals! That said, I did find the local fashions rather stilted and overly fussy – over smart or over sparkled and over loud in many cases. I confess I did attempt to go shopping…

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I honour : Yoga, Murder and Mirth

Books I have read April/May 2014

I recently went away for a couple of weeks followed by a long weekend so managed to read a significant number of books – I shan’t bother to review them all in depth but give a few details and star rating for most.

In order of reading then:

  1.  Smoulder: 4*
  2. Burn: 3*

These are Shapeshifter ‘romances’ by Penelope Fletcher. I liked the first and thus bought the second…

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Canaries in the nest and up the mountains….

We have just come back from a trip to the Canary Island some of the time on La Palma island and some of the time in Tenerife staying with some friends. These friends have a large patio attached to their flat on the second floor and have several large bushes of local varieties (including a 10 foot high Strelitza which we gave them last time we visited and which has grown very well indeed…) and the…

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Spring is bouncing merrily in the garden



This time last year (31st March) it snowed. And a Japanese magazine came to photograph it. What they actually photographed was the snow, me digging in the snow, and me tending plants in the garage bundled in a red duvet coat.

This week a reader of that same magazine article clutching a copy of the article under her arm, came to to visit the garden. It was cold but the sun came out and the…

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Apr 6

The School of Life: Equality does it still evade us?

The School of Life:

I should have really written a post about Feminism here but have not got the time – about due to go on holiday and my charity work has taken up loads of my time recently.

I have read some good stuff though in the Evening Standard – so shall recommend that and the authors who write for it. So here are some good articles on feminism in the Standard you should read:


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